Spore Syringe vs Liquid Culture

What is the difference between a spore syringe vs liquid culture? Multispore syringes and mushroom liquid cultures are distinctively different and easy to tell apart. A mushroom spore syringe will have small (sometimes barley visible) black specks called spores. Liquid mycelium syringes on the other hand will have a cloud of white clumpy mycelium. What […]

How To Make Liquid Culture

Making liquid culture is a process that utilizes mushroom spores, mushroom fruit body, or another mycelium liquid culture to create a powerful and convenient solution used for growing mushrooms. If you find yourself wondering “why do these spores take so long to grow?”, spores to liquid culture is certain to fix those problems! Our favorite […]

The Blue Oyster Mushroom

Do you want to get into the word of edible and medicinal mushrooms, but don’t know where to start? Want a good beginner’s spawn that’s fun to grow? Then the blue oyster mushroom is your (fun)guy. Starting out with deep blue caps that mature to gray as the fruiting bodies develop, and with a great […]

All about The B+ Mushroom

We dive into the B+ mushroom variety in this article, and touch on some very interesting things surrounding this classic variety of Cubensis.

The Blue Meanie Mushroom

The Blue Meanie mushrooms: a towering force coming in a diminutive package. Also known by the scientific names Panaeolus cyanescens (sometimes abbreviated as Pans or Pan cyans), Copelandia cyanescens (“Copes”), or as simply Hawaiians, this shriveled fungus is well known to be multiple times stronger than its similarly psychoactive counterparts in the Psilocybe family*. With […]

Safely buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with CashApp, Credit or Debit card

This article will briefly explain how to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with credit debit in any country so that you can buy mushroom spores with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have! You can contact us on reddit at u/Psilocy3ibin or via email at *Please note, if […]

Is it illegal to buy mushroom spores?

The short answer — In most places all mushroom spores (including psilocybin mushroom spores) are legal! The reason? Mainly because they contain no psilocybin or psilocyn, but many other reasons discussed in this article also support their legality. For a more detailed answer as to why this area of spores seems so grey (and why […]

What are Penis Envy Mushrooms?

What’s so special about the Penis Envy mushroom strain? If you’ve ever looked into the strength differences between each Psilocybin containing mushroom strain/variety, you would have likely come across some mention of Penis Envy mushrooms. On reddit for example, most users on mushroom and related subreddits have the common knowledge that the Penis Envy mushroom […]

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