Bulk Pricing

**All spores are for microscopy purposes only. No shipping to Idaho, California, or Georgia or anywhere else that prohibits the import of spores. Please do not mention cultivation, or else you will be blocked.**

All products are made in front of an industry grade laminar flow hood with HEPA filters rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns

*NEW* Bulk Spore Prints

10 – 5.50USD each
25 – 5USD each
50 – 4.50USD each
100 – 4USD each
250+ – affiliate pricing

All bulk prints are VENDOR QUALITY. This means that we will only provide very dense prints that are suitable for vendor use.

Please email us at sporesworldwide@gmail.com for what we have in stock for bulk spore prints. The pricing listed above allows for mix and match of whatever we have in stock.

Available Syringe Varieties (you can mix and match on any size order for no extra cost):

Golden Teacher

Ban Hua Thanon

Penis Envy 6

PES Hawaiian




Koh Samui

Albino Penis Envy Revert

Penis Envy Uncut

Thai Elephant Dung

Texas Orange Cap

Natal Super Strength

Treasure Coast

Tasmanian (AKA Taz)

Golden Mammoth

Blue Meanie


50 for 145USD (190CAD)

100 for 275USD (361CAD)

250 for 560USD (736CAD)

500 for 875USD (1151CAD)

1500 for 1875USD (2467CAD)

We offer 1-4 day processing times on orders from 100-2000 units. Larger orders need approx 3-4 days per 2000 units.

Shipping is location based, and prices vary depending on which option you choose (Canada Post, Fedex, Purolator at any delivery speed of your choice).

To place an order you can send us an email at silsmycsupplies@protonmail.com or sporesworldwide@gmail.com

Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Mush Love,