Leucistic Golden Teacher Spore Swab


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Leucistic Golden Teacher mushroom spore swabs are a very interesting study for beginner’s all the way to experts! The classic golden teacher cubensis mushroom variety with a leucistic twist! Leucistic Golden Teacher spore swabs are some of the most popular around, so get them while they last!

All products are made in a lab grade environment with 99.99% @0.3 micron HEPA filter fan units.
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All spores are for microscopy purposes.

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Not leucistic

Unfortunately, I got a normal cube which is not leucistic.

Hey there ! I am so sorry you are unsatisfied with your order - please let me explain how leucism normally works. Most of the time it takes multiple runs in order to get a leucistic mutation, as leucism is distinctly different from albinism. As multispore solutions have billions of genetic potentials, leucism may only occur every so often due to mutation (which is what the swabs are taken from). Whereas Albinism on the other hand is a stable genetic trait that runs throughout all multispore genetics of that particular albino variety (whereas leucism is a random mutation that happens occasionally due to a multitude of different variables).

I am happy to send you another set of swabs to make up for this - please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns and if there is anything I can do!

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