Mind Body Mushroom Coffee Bulk (100 Servings)



Per serving, this instant mushroom coffee consists of:

100mg active mushroom of your choice,  200mg cacao, 300mg Chaga, 300mg Lions Mane.

This mushroom coffee will give your mind and body just what it needs!

Lions mane and an active dose of mushrooms give your brain a great boost, and the Chaga is there to give your body a nice boost as well as a digestive aid. The cacao can also have stimulating qualities as well as enhancing the effect of other ingredients!

Each serving is approximately 1 tablespoon or 3.2 grams of mushroom coffee powder. Just put 1 teaspoon in a mug of hot water for 1 serving!

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Variety of Mushroom

HillBilly, APE Revert, Just Caps